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May You Have A Great Halloween Night May you have a great Halloween night, May everything around you give you a fright. May you be introduced to witches and goblins, May food be plenty in the form of candies and pumpkins.

It’s the time to spread some fright Halloween is the time to spread that fright It does not sound too good for you You won’t really feel all right Halloween is the time to get rid of All the fears that you have in your heart So go ahead and make a perfect start This Halloween is about more light Of all the things that you will do Of all the spooky things in store for you Wishing you a scary Halloween Which will change the person in you!

Tonight is the night Tonight is going to be tough, Coz there is scare all around, All the cats and bats that surround, It’s time for Halloween, Wish you a happy Halloween, Today you are the mercy queen!

It Is Finally Halloween Time It is finally Halloween time, So together let us rhyme. Skip the candies and the pumpkin, Let us feast on blood tonight. Jack O’ Lantern is smiling bright, Frankenstein is laughing at your plight. Have a horrific Halloween.

In the spirit of the Halloween Drenched in the spirit of Halloween, When the days are dark and cold There comes a voice from outer world Where stories of witches are untold It’s the scary Halloween night Where all the things are scary as might Its the Halloween night my friend so Wear your heart on your sleeve There are many spooky stories Waiting for you in the leave Wishing you a happy Halloween For all the things to come in be Halloween night to you!

It Is The Night When… It is the night when, Skeletons and goblins can be seen, It is the night when, The little girl in white has eyes that are green. It is the night when, Frankenstein has risen from the dead. It is the night when, Ghost that were trapped, now have fled. It is the night when, The vampires hunt for fresh blood to satisfy their thirst, Beware people around the world, Because today is October 31st!!!

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Trick or treat is up to you Trick or treat you give me something Not as sweet as your face today Today is not the day to show love Today is the day to scare someone So scare someone out of might Show that you can feel the fright Dress up as a witch or pumpkin To reflect upon that spooky light Halloween is a day to just be Of all the things that you shall see Wishing you a happy Halloween Hope that things will be all bright!

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I wish you the same I am not afraid of the night, But of the deadly sight, Where spiders make their way, Where ghosts also say, That it is Halloween today, Wish you a happy Halloween!

Halloween Will Frighten You The Demon’s cradle rocks to and fro, Frankenstein’s knocking at the door. The spooky goblins are calling out your name, The pumpkin is waiting for you out in the rain. Be ready for the skeleton’s dance tonight, I’m sure this Halloween will give you a fright. Have a scary Halloween.

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If you were Happy Halloween to you, Get ready to wear a costume so new, Be what you desire, A cat or a vampire, Have a rocking time, Ring like the chime Boo boo..Halloween is here!

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Tonight Is The Night Tonight is the night when the dead come to life, Tonight is the night when for your blood they strive. Tonight is the night when witches fly on brooms up high, Tonight is the night when Bloody Mary mourns and sighs. Tonight is the night for lots of tricking and treating, Tonight is the night for creating havoc and freaking. Tonight is October 31st, so I hope you are living it up, So tonight being Halloween, tonight what’s up?

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Halloween is the time when you can Scare anyone who you don’t like you In the fun spirit that things do tell To making it all the more bright Feel scared as you make a face It’s like doing it with that grace Halloween brings out your feeling Of many things untold inside So have a day full of fright Have a day with all your might This Halloween as you scare someone Happy Halloween to you!

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The black bat over your head, The eerie acts in the air, You have got to be scary, No you also need to scare, Because it’s Halloween time, Wish you a happy Halloween!

It Is Time To Fear! Halloween time is finally here, So all you scaredy cats, it is time to fear. For all the evil spirits and witches are now near, You can run but you just cannot hide, my dear. Have a spooky Halloween!

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The darkness all around Beware of the darkness around you, There could be someone chasing you, Is it the witch on the broom? Or the ghostly loom, Is it the cat in the dark? Or one bright spark, Boo Boo! Happy Halloween to you!

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Halloween Night Halloween is an awesome night filled with so much fun, Tricking and treating from house to house, we run. The candies and costumes are the best part, How many we manage to get, it just is never able to satisfy our heart. Keeping aside all the fun, it is not a very peaceful night my friends, Tonight is the night when all the good comes to a scary end. From witches to goblins, there are so many demons out tonight, But none of them will be able to give us brave kids a fright. Have a Superb Halloween Night. May you get more candies than last year.

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It is the time when you should feel It is the time when you should be Inside your house at the corner The wishes will change you along The spirits will sing that song If you have guts face them through Halloween will be much fun for you It’s the time to show that you are not Scared of anything that comes your way It’s the super Halloween time A time when you can have your say And scare everyone around you all the way Wishing you a happy Halloween!

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The night is so dark today, There are screams all over the place, The witch is ready for the spell, As there is no other to tell, So, beware this day, Coz it’s Halloween today! Wish you a happy Halloween!

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Spooky Halloween When you least expect it an ugly witch comes by your side She looks deadly as ever under the full moon light, Before you know it, pops out a scary looking black cat, It jumps in front on you and gives your heart a smack. Frankenstein calls out your name from the dead, Lucifer’s little children on earth have now bred. Have a spooky Halloween.

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Glowing in the dark It’s glowing so dark, But with a spooky spark, It’s the Halloween night, When things though bright, Doesn’t seem alright, Because it’s really tough, It’s the Halloween night, Wish you happy Halloween!

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On a Halloween night beware, for the witches’dreams come true, On a Halloween night watch out, before the goblin attacks without a clue. On a Halloween night take care, for Frankenstein is reborn again, On a Halloween night be careful, cause monsters today are a real pain. Have a Scary and Fun-filled Halloween Night.

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it’s all the day today Is your eyes all green today, Not the case of yesterday, There is some kind of scary feeling That is taking away your calm There is some kind of a happy feeling That is not making you strong Its the Halloween night today So wear that dress and sing along The songs that will scare off the evil The songs that will break along It’s the Halloween night So have a great time!

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It’s that time of the year The cat is growling, Have a look, It’s Halloween time, So, have a nook, Because you would get scared, You better be prepared, Wish you a happy Halloween!

The costume that you wear The costume that you will wear All the things that you will do Will you look like scary All the way and part in through Do not forget to smile a bit With those scary teeth you will wear today Keep your imagination fancy as can be Make people scared to be Halloween is a time to feel scared Its the time to make people do All the thoughts in your mind That will make that spooky too Wishing a happy Halloween to you!

The witches alike Boo are the witches alike, Boo is for all that and fright, Boo is for pumpkin so bright, Boo is for spooky by, Boo is for ghosts that fly, Boo boo, because it’s Halloween, Wish you a happy Halloween!

Walking Out On A Halloween Night As you pass by, voices from the trees call out your name, The spirits from the graves, stare at you again and again. You can’t ignore the man with red eyes standing at the end of the road. Nor can you miss the child in white walking next to you, or the goblin’s shadow. They are out to get you this time, so run for your life my dear, Just remember you can run as much as you can, but you can’t hide, it is time to fear! Have a Memorable Halloween night.

There are things all around you The ghost around who are calling you The goblins are there along with you Feel spooky as there is a time to be You will feel scared to your might Look outside your window The things along see so bright With all the pumpkins that light Dress up your best to scare someone Now, it’s truly your turn Think otherwise you are in life And you would very well survive This Halloween night Happy Halloween time to you Get spooky as you can be!

The Halloween Fever The witches are out on their brooms, Safety is hanging on a thin thread really loose. You can run baby, but you cannot hide, Wherever you go, Frankenstein will find. This Halloween night is going to be scarier than ever, Wishing you to join in the adventurous Halloween fever!

Spooky tales and spooky you You know what you have done in through From that glowing pumpkin near your door To that costume that make you scary Halloween is the time to get spooky With trick and treat all your way You will have a fabulous day Getting scared of things that don’t exists for you Getting scared for things that change in hue Its the scary Halloween night Are you prepared for that fright Wishing a happy Halloween to you!

The pumpkins in the basket, All ready to scare, Making weird faces, This time is rare, Of bats and ghosts all around, It’s your turn to surround And scare, Wish you a happy Halloween!

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