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Lost Love Poems For Broken Hearts

Love and feelings When things go wrong, When you are not that strong, You know that your special someone has left you, You feel all bad and blue, Crying in vain, Hiding the pain, I still care for you, Will secretly love you!

The past winds and you The past winds have broken my wings As I can’t fly anymore in life I have lost the vision to see And I have lost my reason to survive I have lost everything I called mine If this was to happen and destined Then why did I find love in life A love so pure I could not find Feeling of pain and dejection As everything is lost My heart I can’t find!

No one but just you No one would be there, I know, But, I truly cared and showed My feelings were so passionate, My love was so pure, Things took a different turn now, Not feeling the same as I used to, Not feeling that anymore Love is lost between the two of us!

I could just walk along with you forever I could walk along with you at a distance I could do things as you said I could play along with love All the emotions that were unsaid You did not understand me The love in the eyes that I had for you Everything looks so lost now Everything looks so very blue Things are not the same I know And everything has changed to show One thing that will remain the same is The hatred that I have for you As love is lost somewhere in due!

I can see that lost love I can see love in every heart I can see love everywhere from the start By love is no more I can’t find I have been doing everything for it It’s all left in dark shadows behind Life has not been so good to me Nor it has been so kind I have lost all the love I had That makes me cry like crazy That makes me so sad, The lost love that I had!

What went wrong? I wonder what went wrong in our relationship, Coz we were so happy and content, What was that thing that caused this conflict? This was too bad, You will remain in my memories forever, Coz things won’t be the same again, Good bye from me!

When you are in love, you feel so good Its another world and it’s so surreal What if that love is lost And all hopes are shattered across You are left with none except pain And some dry tears in vain Love hurts and it hurts too much There is no heal even with touch Love hurts too much!

lost love poems

It is just a state Happiness is just a state Just as love is in life, You need someone to share your pain, To cry in vain and that will suffice, Love is an unsaid emotion, So pure it is from within Not accepting love is like doing a sin Love is truly from the heart, It can’t be denied from the start!

lost love poems

I had my notions in my mind They were so subtle and so kind I thought that I would have a world of my love Where I would be happy to have you A tie together that would bind But things are not the same as I thought There is a fakeness that you bought You never loved my from your heart I should have known from the start A pure heart is broken into pieces Scattered here and scattered there Everything is lost in time Even the way you used to care Its love lost from my side!

lost love poems

The rain does not seems like rain The sun does not shine on me anymore Where should I go and hide the pain Where should I go and end this bane Life has become so meaningless It’s all in the quest of one big mess Can’t imagine my life this way Nothing is left to do or say Coz I have lost it all Yes, I have lost my love!

lost love poems

It’s all about being in love with you It’s all about being in feeling of love It’s all about those mushy tales Surely being in love feels so good Being in love gives you a high But it all seems lost to me It all seems like a broken cue Love has no meaning I know Love has no meaning being with you Its lost love from my side So many emotions to hide It’s all lost as of now It’s all lost in the time.

lost love poems

Still remember the time spent with you, When everything seem to be new, But, you chose the other way in love, Now I am left with shove, But, will remember you with a heavy heart, Coz now it’s forever apart, Yes its love lost between us!

lost love poems

I don’t know what shall I say I loved you from my heart I know But, you never valued it in life The pain you gave me and through And you kept me so deprived I don’t love you anymore in life Yes I don’t do it I know Just want to tell you and show That I love you no more Its love lost for me!

lost love poems

Love is a string of emotion you know, Love is a feeling so good Why did you do this way? Why I couldn’t just say That you mean a lot to me Its only you I can see But things are different now, You also know it how Stay happy forward in life, Wherever you are!

You have showed what your true color is You have truly showed your true color I never felt that you would do this I gave you my heart and my life How could you not trust in your way Things may change so with time I know But some emotions will always stay I have nothing but some silent tears This cannot even show to say You have lost my trust and my love I will not feel this ever again As its all love lost from my side Getting over through this time and tide!

lost love poems

Of the past thing I loved you, do you know about it I really did from my every bit, You did not accept my love, You don’t understand me at all, Standing at the highest point, How you see the fall, Is what I am feeling right now, Have no answers to how!

lost love poems

If you feel down and you feel so out If you are rejected, you feel so down If you are sad, tears flow down If you have a bad day, there is another chance If you are heartbroken, there is no chance That you would find that passion of true love You would find that feeling of first love again First love remains in your heart forever It’s a feeling that will stay forever My love is lost and feeling too Nothing can change this situation in blue I have lost my passion and craze I just want to move out of this phase Where my love is lost in time!

lost love poems

We were happy We were so happy together, Then what went wrong, Our love was so special, It was so strong, Never imagined life would turn foul one day, Where we would not concede each other, Or have our say!

lost love poems

Do you feel the same agony and pain Do you also cry like me in vain Have you felt that love was so pure Do you miss my allure? Or you have not loved me ever It was all fake from your side and never Coz true love never dies with time When two people are destined The love we shared was not true I am feeling so bad and blue!

lost love poems

You need to be with someone Who would make you smile, Being with you made me sad You said all the while, But my love was truly pure The passion and the allure, Still waiting for that acceptance from you Feeling so helpless and blue Coz I loved you!

lost love poems

It is simply over between you and me It is simply over between us I should have known from the start You never really loved me the way I did You never really loved me every bit Your fake smile and love that you showed You did things that gave me an impression I may not trust anyone else in life I may not trust anyone again I am lost for words in life I do not have love in my heart It is all shattered with my thoughts It is all broken apart The lost love that I could not feel!

lost love poems

You are the state of being Love is a state of being, Of which thing you are seeing The state is so very pure, There is a difference in allure When one loves, you feel so nice, You feel like being so wise But, love once lost won’t come back It is all the matter of fact!

My love for you I truly loved you from my heart, It was such a beautiful start, Then one day things turned bad, There were no reasons, coz I never had, The love lost between us, Still hurts me a lot, Coz you are still in my thought!

You were an important part of my life You were so in my heart I had kept you in my mind You did not loved me the as I did No answers that I could find Everything just changed with season Everything just changed without reason Once we were so close Now there is a feeling of being enclosed Not that I don’t feel anymore But that feeling of love is no more It’s the time that has made a whale It’s the time that has created a drift I don’t love you anymore There is nothing in my heart It’s all over from me!

lost love poems

One day you will know me well But that would take you back to dwell You will know my worth and my love You will know how much I cared But when you will turn around and see I may not be there So you must know what true love is For its pure and it’s so rear You were never worthy of my true love!

Was that love That was love for sure, And I knew it was, Then why you didn’t accept it Why you didn’t from your heart, Before it could get started, We grew apart, If it was love, Then it was so pure, Can’t believe it was so sad for me Now nothing is left to see!

The day when you went really far The day you went far away from me Was the day when I had nothing left to see That day I thought that love has no meaning That day I gave up on all my dreams I did not know that love hurts so much I did not know that it is all lost in such I gave my all being in love with you Then why am I feeling so blue Lost love is all I can say Nothing will change I know Everything will give me feels Of getting a heartbreak for life Yes without love I can survive!

I loved you from my heart you know, I loved you from my soul, In my life and things around, You had an important role, Why did you leave me and go, Why did you do that so, Won’t be able to love again in life Won’t be able to go through that strive I don’t want to be loved!

At first you think that the love was At first it was like a paradise Then slowly things started to change At first I felt a difference Then I felt really strange Your indifferent behavior to me It’s all love lost in your eyes I can see Not feeling the pain anymore Not feeling the warmth in my heart Distance has surely come in between us It has surely made us apart I do not feel your love anymore I do not feel that longing its over It’s all over from my side As that return of the tide In the sea!

My broken heart is into pieces The pain, which is unbearable for me When the moments of the past come to haunt There is nothing left to see I want to break free and cry aloud I wish that I could run from this crowd My love is lost and I am in pain Only left with silent tears in vain Lost in time again!

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