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These are some quotes on friendship with images that may remind you of the kind of relationship you have with your closest friends.

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When friendship disappears then there is a space left open to that awful loneliness of the outside world which is like the cold space between the planets. It is an air in which men perish utterly. ― Hilaire Belloc

Secrecy is the chastity of friendship. ― Jeremy Taylor

To like and dislike the same things, this is what makes a solid friendship. ― Sallust

inspirational quotes on friendship

The firmest friendship is based on an identity of likes and dislikes. ― Sallust

Friendship without self-interest is one of the rare and beautiful things of life. ― James F. Byrnes

inspirational quotes on friendship

I force people to have coffee with me, just because I don’t trust that a friendship can be maintained without any other senses besides a computer or cellphone screen. ― John Cusack

Friendship is mutual blackmail elevated to the level of love. ― Robin Morgan

I’ve got some great guy friends. They can start out as crushes. But when you realize something isn’t going to happen, you make a choice whether or not the friendship is worth it. And it usually is. Then you can laugh about the fact that you used to have a crush on him or he had one on you. ― Courteney Cox

inspirational quotes on friendship

Friendship is a wildly underrated medication. ― Anna Deavere Smith

Meg Ryan is a beautiful and courageous woman. I grieve the loss of her companionship but I’ve not lost the friendship. We talk all the time and that was what our connection was about. She has a wonderful mind and we just like a chat. ― Russell Crowe

Great is the victory, but the friendship of all is greater. ― Emil Zatopek

inspirational quotes on friendship

It may be a cold, clammy thing to say, but those that treat friendship the same as any other selfishness seem to get the most out of it. ― E. W. Howe

The little trouble in the world that is not due to love is due to friendship. ― E. W. Howe

A friendship like love is warm a love like friendship is steady. ― Thomas More

inspirational quotes on friendship

Friendship is a strong and habitual inclination in two persons to promote the good and happiness of one another. ― Eustace Budgell

Friendship based solely upon gratitude is like a photograph with time it fades. ― Carmen Sylva

inspirational quotes on friendship

Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world. ― John Evelyn

Friendship is a word, the very sight of which in print makes the heart warm. ― Augustine Birrell

inspirational quotes on friendship

Friendship is an arrangement by which we undertake to exchange small favors for big ones. ― Charles de Montesquieu

Some people are willing to betray years of friendship just to get a little bit of the spotlight. ― Lauren Conrad

inspirational quotes on friendship

I hope to continue my friendship with France and its filmmakers for many years to come. ― Harvey Weinstein

I’m calling my book series the ‘with God series.’ And this next ‘with God’ book is Friendship with God, which comes out in November. This books challenges us to bring about the end of ‘better’ on this planet. ― Neale Donald Walsch

The second one, the joint Truth and Friendship Commission, which we started now with Indonesia, that is the one that has been criticized its terms of reference call for providing amnesty for those who cooperate in telling the truth. It does not lead to prosecution. ― Jose Ramos-Horta

inspirational quotes on friendship

Because most people are not sufficiently employed in themselves, they run about loose, hungering for employment, and satisfy themselves in various supererogatory occupations. The easiest of these occupations, which have all to do with making things already made, is the making of people: it is called the art of friendship. ― Laura Riding

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Sincere friendship towards God, in all who believe him to be properly an intelligent, willing being, does most apparently, directly, and strongly incline to prayer and it no less disposes the heart strongly to desire to have our infinitely glorious. ― Jonathan Edwards

From an early age I didn’t buy into the value systems of working hard in a nine-to-five job. I thought creativity, friendship and loyalty and pushing the boundaries of what was acceptable was much more interesting. ― Adam Clayton

inspirational quotes on friendship

My second husband believed I had such a fickle attitude to friendship that each Friday he would update the list of my ‘Top Ten’ friends in the manner of a Top Of The Pops chart countdown. ― Julie Burchill

I would be willing to do almost anything to make Art happy. I care about our friendship. The only thing I won’t do is change the essence of my work. ― Paul Simon

Look, I worked with American Republican presidents and Democratic presidents, all of them, and each of them has shown a deep and profound friendship to Israel, you know? I can’t remember anybody who was in that sense negative as far as Israel is concerned. ― Shimon Peres

inspirational quotes on friendship

Why do we go around acting as though everything was friendship and reliability when basically everything everywhere is full of sudden hate and ugliness? ― Anna Freud

The most deadly fruit is borne by the hatred which one grafts on an extinguished friendship. ― Gotthold Ephraim Lessing