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The urge to travel in the early years is something that every teenager or a newly adult person dreams of, But sometimes your hunger to travel gets defeated in front of your financial resources and your dream and your hunger does not gets fulfilled immediately. We have picked up these locations after researching and studying intensively.

These 15 locations are the destination that every teenager in 20’s will feel the urge to visit them that too without drowning in debts. So these 15 locations are the most exotic places to visit and will not squeeze your pocket. here are the top six places to travel for cheap.

Top 15 Cheapest Places to Travel

places to travel for cheap
places to travel for cheap


Nepal is the place from where the world famous word “NAMASTE” Has originated, And Nepal is a place where you will get enchanted in the scenic beauty and Nepalese culture which is a major tourist attraction of that place. You can trek through the mountains there and early in the morning, you can also witness the beautiful sunrise from the Himalayan mountains. And, On the other hand, Nepal is not just about trekking and sightseeing but other activities also; Like, Jungle safaris, Kayaking around lake Phewa and visiting various temples and holy shrines, monasteries of Kathmandu. there you can get a basic private room for $10 which is quite feasible and would not cause a great blow to your financial availability.


If you are a citizen of America or Europe then a trip to Mexico is definitely, monetarily feasible for you. Because the USD and EUR dollars are much more favorable than it was in the past, making it more convenient to travel Mexico on a minimum budget. Major tourist attractions include some beautiful beaches, and the ruins of Mayan that are hidden in the jungle, and also not to forget the Oaxaca, Merida or Mexico city which offers cultural and delicious delicacies which will act as an icing on the cake. Room’s are very cheap and is something that a middle-aged traveler can afford, it costs you around $20 for one night. People who love to travel, they will definitely love Mexico. Avoid staying in high priced hotels especially the overpriced resorts in Cabo or Cancun.

Don’t forget Mexico in the terms of safety concerns, Apart from a few troublesome spots you will undoubtedly find the situation very different from what you imagined.


places to travel for cheap
places to travel for cheap



Indonesia is a whole world to discover in itself, from white sand beaches to Savannah, to the Komodo islands and Flores. ‘Bali’ is one of the most incredible tourist attractions of Indonesia, Moreover Bali is the only city for which ‘Indonesia’ Is majorly famous for. The Balinese Hindu culture is also one of the major tourist attraction of Bali, On the other hand, easy airport access is also one of the additional facilities for all the Guests. But also you need to explore the other regions as well, The phenomenal and adjacent Lombok and java are famous for their own beauties respectively.


Colombia offers you the perfect taste of South American continent, It has the world’s tallest palm trees and you can also observe the warm and welcoming Colombian culture. You have both Pacific and Atlantic cost with the incredible Amazon rainforest and the starting edge of Andes, The Colombian peso is much cheaper for the people who posses USD and EUR and can travel much more easily and in a cheaper rate than what it was a few years ago.


Mahabaleshwar is a hill station located in western ghats range of Satara, India. it is blessed with a bounty of nature’s beauty and magnificent scenery. The main attraction of these places are the beautiful tourist points, for example, Arthur’s seat, Mapro garden, strawberry farms etc. A teenager can easily go to Mahabaleshwar as it is also monetarily very feasible and an adult can easily afford it. Additionally, one of the most major attraction of Mahabaleshwar is the Pratapgad fort which was built by Shivaji Maharaj in the 16th century. The ‘Pratapgad fort’ has the famous story “The defeat of Afzal Khan’ attributed to it. Mahabaleshwar is a place where you can get a room for 2k to 15k depending on the type of hotel rooms.


If you find all the european places and cities very expensive and hard to afford, then you must have a look at Ukraine. Here you can also rent a room for 200 Euros; No, not per day, per month. It is the most underrated and cheapest city in Europe. Apart from the conflicts between the Russian backed Separatists involving the eastern region mostly. But if you avoid that area then you will find that Ukraine is one of the BEST cities you can explore in the European region. The major travel attraction here is the Odessa on the black water city, whereas the Lviv city which is close to the polish border has been listed to offer something different and beautiful.

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