Best Good Night Messages for Friends and Family

Don’t fear of what will happen Whatever will be will be Just sleep and dream of a better tomorrow You will have a reason to be Smile and close your eyes Thoughts will be a more wise Wishing you a lovely night Good night and sleep tight!

Cute Good Night Messages

Dreams are many, Hopes are true, Every night, As you see through, Thoughts of another day so bright, So wish you good night, And do sleep tight!

good night messages for friends

Each night I wish that you are safe at your home. Each night I wish you are sound asleep. Because if I know that ghosts like you are wandering around, I can never sleep. So for the sake of humanity, have a good night sleep.

Forget what happened all through the day And surrender yourself to the silent night Dream and see the things you want, So that you can flaunt All the things you wish for Good night!

Go to sleep and close your eyes, Its the time to forget everything on your mind A time to be a little wise Night is the time to cease, All your worries and sleep in bliss! Good night!

God has put off the lights, So rest yourself and relax tonight. Good night!

good night messages for friends

Good night is just a thought, If you think positive, you would sleep well, And, if not you would think or dwell, The choice is yours, Good night and sleep tight!

Good night to you my dear Wish you spread the cheer For tomorrow will be a new day Where you will have your say Just close your eyes and smile Your stress will go in while Sleep tight and see wonderful dreams tonight!

Good night to you my friend, There is no need to pretend, Because I am wishing you from my heart, For tomorrow is a new day and start, So sleep tight, Wish you a good night!

I believe in spreading some really good vibes I believe in giving a positive light I am spreading some magic your way So that your night be more magical today Think positive and smile This time shall not remain all the while Wishing you a lovely night Good night to you!

good night messages for friends

I have come to hug you tight, I have come to end your fright, I will always make you happy, I am smile, So keep smiling! Good Night!

I wish you get the sweetest dream tonight I wish that you get all along so bright I wish that you get things that matter All along the way which I can see Give in to the night and you will know There is a reason in that darkness and glow Give in to the night and peace Good night to you Do sleep tight!

Isn’t it wonderful how dreams take you into the world of fantasy? Good Night and soar into your dreamy world!

It all starts with a smile, And ends with the same, Nothing else left to see or blame, Because smile wins every game! Good night!

good night messages for friends

It is said a good night’s sleep can bring a wonderful tomorrow. May you sleep with beautiful dreams. Good Night.

Its best to let go of things That hold no importance in life It is best to let go of all the thoughts That have truly made you deprived Today is gone so let it go Start your day with a better tomorrow Where there will be happiness and no sorrow Good night wishes to you ..Sleep well!

Keep your eyes on the goal but mind at peace, you surely will achieve any desired goal in life. Have a lovely and sound sleep. Good Night and sweet dreams.

Let not this darkness outside be of any effect to your inner self, wait for the morning and swallow the light and brightness. For now just close your eyes and let your mind be at rest for some time. Good Night and cherry dreams.

good night sweet dreams images

Let this night take you on a ride of beautiful dreams. Wish you a Good Night.

Lets not regret what you could not do today, With lots of hopes and desires plan your tomorrow, But for now just close your eyes, remember God, and have a Good Night. Sweet dreams

Look at the beautiful skyline Look there is warmth in the air Look there is silence all around It’s a wonderful feeling that surround May this night be all good for you You will so awesome and wonderful too See wonderful dreams tonight Wishing you a wonderful Good night!

May the dark winds be the soothing breeze that pampers you. May the shiny sky form a blanket of warmth on you. May you have the sweetest dreams, and all your dreams come true. Good night.

good night messages for friends

More than luck what matters is your courage and your will to work and achieve any damn thing in this world. Have a peaceful night and cherry dreams.

Never walk a lane, that has a foot mark on it. Never work for a goal, that has an end. Never sleep, but dream.

Night is a gift, From God to relax, So that you start your next day, With hope and smile, So have a lovely night, Good night!

Night is soft as you are in life, It is slow and silent, You know that it is yours, You know that it will not stay forever, Because tomorrow will be a new dawn, Good night and do sleep tight!

good night messages for friends

Night is that time of life which teaches you to dream better. Good Night darling. Have sweet dreams!

Night is the best time for a lazy person like you. Enjoy sleeping and have a good sound sleep. Good Night and sweet dreams.

Night is the only beautiful darkness which everyone loves. Enjoy sleeping! Good night.