Best Good Night Messages for Friends and Family

Night is the best opportunity, To take rest, To sleep tight, To feel relaxed, To stay calm, To feel at peace, To dig in deep thoughts about life, Give it up and sleep relaxed, Because it’s that time, Good night to you, As you wait for a super day so new!

Good Night Picture Messages

good night sweet dreams images

Night is the time to stop thinking It’s the time to relax and sleep Think about the plan for tomorrow Watch dreams that are too deep Night gives you a vision to be Have a lovely night today Embrace all the dreams your way Good night and sleep tight!

Night is the time when you can think so much, About all the past and the future touch, It’s the time to connect with yourself, It’s the time when you can just be yourself, Night is a lovely time Wishing you good night!

Night is the time, When we are relaxed, Forget about everything on your mind, Coz this is the time to unwind, So sleep well, Good night, And sleep tight!

On this lovely night, I just want to wish you good night, For all the pleasant dreams you would see, For all the beautiful moments and glee, Just close your eyes and sleep tight, Good night!

good night messages for friends

See a wonderful dream tonight, For dreams do turn into reality, What you see tonight, Can happen tomorrow, So stay positive, Good night!

Shut your eyes and sleep in peace, Tomorrow all the worries will cease, This is my silent prayer for you, Wishing a lovely night to you, Sleep well!

Smile helps you to forget the sorrow, It helps to build a better tomorrow, Smile because you are wonderful, Just keep smiling! Good Night

Smile because it ends all tears, Smile because it melts the heart, Smile because you look pretty, Keep smiling! Good Night!

good night sweet dreams images

Smile is just an expression of happiness, It relates to your inner feelings, It relates to your soul, So stay happy and smiling! Good Night!

Sometimes, it is better to just let go Just like the night brings halt And the day comes with a bright light Let go of all the things in your mind Let go of all the reasons that bother you Sleep with peace in the night Wishing you a lovely good night!

Ssshhhhh….everyone else has already slept, now it is time for you to take a break from the hectic schedule and have a sound cozy sleep. Wishing you a very Good Night.

Stop thinking about everything that Happened during the day As the day ends, you should also end Your thoughts for the day Think ahead with a positive vibe Things will be all right Have a reason to smile tomorrow As it will be end of the sorrow Wishing you good night!

good night messages for friends

Stars all over are twinkling bright, The moon with its radiant glow, Sleep in peace as you close your eyes, Thinking about tomorrow being wise, Embrace yourself to this lovely night, Good night and sleep tight!

That time of the day is here again, When you will relax and unwind, So, lay down as you sleep in peace, With the positive thoughts in mind, Wish you a lovely night, Good night!

The best part of sleeping is that it allows you to dream anything. Sleep well dear. Good Night.

The bright stars shining in the dark, Today the moon also has a different spark, The silence of the night can be felt in the air, When there is peace and stillness everywhere, It is the time to sleep again, It is the time to unwind, Here is my good night wish for you, Sleep with a positive energy and don’t feel blue, Wait for a day so new, Good night!

good night sweet dreams images

The darkness in the mind, The many feelings of life, As the day is over with all the struggles and strive, It will be a new day tomorrow, So, wait for your turn, You will get what you need or yearn, Wishing you a good night!

The dark night and thoughts so deep, Let there be a clean sweep, In your mind so that you sleep relaxed, Have a lovely night, With sweet dreams!

The day is gone, But you have promises to keep. Walk a long way, Before you go to sleep. Good Night. Sleep well.

The message is clear in the night Forget all your stress and feel the night in peace All your tensions will cease, Feel the calmness and you would know, The time is magical though its slow Wish you a good night!

good night messages for friends

The moon and its bright shine There is silence all around You can see things that long Of things, you just want to see Of things that matter to you Go along the flow of life You will have a reason to smile Today is that very while So have a lovely night Wishing you Good night!

The moon is shining so bright today And the stars are at their best The serene air on your face, Its time to snuggle tight Its the time to embrace, The things that are going to come, Good night!

The moon is bright and clear, The night is so dark, So, let go of your stress, And wait for a bright day, A new spark, Good night and sweet dreams!

The moon is sparkling bright, So, let go of your fright, And wait for a new day, Where you find a new ray, Of light, Wish you a lovely night! Do sleep tight!

The night is a pleasant dream, It’s a silent thought, It’s the time when you think about life, Things that need to be sought! So do have a lovely night As I wish you good night!

The night is silent and fascinating, The night is so very true, Because you forget everything that is over, To wait for the new, Good night to you my dear, As tomorrow would bring in a new cheer!

The night time is the time, To sleep with all your heart, Forever the things in your mind, And kind of unwind, Give in to the night, You will feel alright, Wishing you a lovely night!

The only reason why I love the night is It makes things so easier for life There is no stress around and way You just feel so good for the day Night is perhaps the best time of the day Close your eyes and give in to the night Wishing you a lovely night Good night to you!

The shadows of the dark, With the gleam and that spark, Night is here, but not for so long, So, be relaxed and a bit strong, For a new day to come, Good night and sleep tight!

The silent wind blowing on the face, The night is here, so end today’s race, And, wait for another dawn so bright, When things would be pleasant and alright, Close your eyes and sleep tight, As I wish you a lovely night, Good night!

The sun has slept behind the sea, Give me a kiss, And let’s go to sleep. Good night sweetheart.