Best Good Night Messages for Friends and Family

The warmness of the night There is a pleasant vibe Something so natural about the blue light There is peace in the heart Moments are there to stay Night is the most beautiful time of the day Wishing you a lovely and cozy night Good night!

Nice Good Night Messages

The winds that blow on your face, The cold wave of the night, Darkness hints at something more, Have a super night! And make way for a new day, Good night wishes for today, Good night my friend!

There is a strange calmness in the night There is something sweet about the night When you surrender to your thoughts Your dreams and that tranquility Night is the perfect time to unwind Wishing you a perfect night Wishing you Good night!

There is always a new day after dark So stay positive and don’t lose that spark Something good will come up to you You will feel special in the hue Embrace this lovely night today Tomorrow will be an equally loving day Good night with a cheer Sleep tight oh my dear!

There is something magical about The moon and its bright light There is something magical about the stars That shine so bright There is something magical about The blue hue, Something magical in this night Are you feeling it through, Wishing a lovely night to you Good night to you!

There is sunshine after dark There is a sparkle when there is light Today there is darkness of the night Tomorrow your world will be bright Give in to the darkness as you close your eyes Give in to the night in being so wise Very Good night to you Do sleep tight!

This is what has always been the essence of life – disappointment comes before hope, hurt comes before love and dark comes before brightness to make us realize how important their presence is. Have a very Good Night and sugary sweet dreams.

Though smile is a curved line, But, it can make so many things straight, So it’s best to keep smiling! Good Night!

Time is calling, Calling you to sleep, So get into your bed, And drift into your dreams. Good night!

To a dreamer like you, night is the best time to explore your horizons to the zeniths. Have a Good Night and sweet dreams. Sleep tight.

Touch your heart, And take a deep breath, Because night is finally here, Because while sleeping, You look endear, Good night!

Try to end your day with positive thoughts, For if you sleep with positive thoughts, Your morning will be beautiful, So smile as you sleep tonight, Good night!

Twinkling stars are shining hard to wish another shining star a very Good Night.

When I pray in the night, I count you in my prayers, There are people of all types, But you are too sweet and rare, Only specially for you, Wish you a lovely night, Good night!

Whole world has slept in the blanket of night, But, I am wishing you with my might, Because I know that you are so sweet, So want to lovingly greet, Wish you a lovely night, Do sleep tight!

Wishing you good night, Has become like my habit now, I don’t know why I am addicted to you, I don’t know how, But, I really miss you a lot, From my every thought, Wish you a lovely night!

With all the Dracula’s and ghosts the night is again here. Wishing you a very Good Night full of peace. Have awesome dreams with all the spirits protecting you.

You calculate speed per hour, But, it is important to calculate smiles per hour, This will help you to stay happy, So keep smiling! Good Night!

Your bed just called me up and asked me to tell how eager it is to accompany you on your journey to the dreamland. So common on you lazy bum, and step towards it. Good Night and sweet dreams.

Your sweet smile takes my breath away, At any time of the day, But, night is the time I miss you the most, I don’t have anything much to boast, Except that you stay happy as always, Wish you good night, Do sleep tight!

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